Our Story

Centric Creative Consulting: Your Business. Our Solutions

It all started over a cup of coffee and a mutual feeling of “there has to be more”…

Jenny and I met in 2014 at Caribou. I was working as an account executive for a multi-media company and Jenny was in business development for an IT company. During our first meeting, a few things became clear to me. First, she was super-cool and I hoped she wanted to be my friend. Second, she was very smart and savvy. Third, she was passionate. Basically, she reminded me of me.

Throughout 2015, we met together for coffee regularly to discuss kids, life and business. Time brought changes in each of these areas and both of us wanted more out of our professional lives. After much discussion over more coffee (and sometimes, cocktails!) we decided to combine our strengths and passions, and start Centric Creative Consulting. Thanks for checking us out.

Truth is important to us—professionally and personally. We can’t promise overnight or even immediate success for your business, but we can promise that we care and will do our very best to help your business grow. We know there are other companies that offer the same services, but we know we offer the best customer service, and that’s a bold claim we welcome the opportunity to prove. We believe everything changes when insecurities are left behind, when belief in others is given freely, and supporting dreams is the norm.

If you’re looking for help growing your business, in any way, we would love to meet with you, learn more about you and your business, and partner with you in making your dreams a reality.